slowly beneath meadows (for María Sabina)

emilio Jesús Taiveaho Peláez

emilio Jesús Taiveaho Peláez

say it then swing
it mountain of signs or
analog clock of baskets made for
babies eyes for fear of electric socket

the world then arriving as if a fingertip moment
or piece of writing or report of witnessing
dancehall boogaloo, locura
whooping cough light of fifth avenue mirrors
wavefull waking in other apartments in
someone else’s dream

heard gunshot rattraps
ring then echo sound still
remember carrion heat
rang and then tattered
run windowed, winnowed
not winded or whining
got to wonder

swam questions when the body was
pointed to or swanned sun
tanned in Prague
at a loss not to forget
nail polish canned tuna
or tin
drop mescaline I

never write about birds in these poems...
stood canvassed framed grin
camped and forgotten fed
well and wellbeing of trees seen
in tips of hypha sahara in a dust grain
scene of mirrors wild
animals and mortar build
bricks and build cranes and get swallowed
hallow or hollow interface pageless
paralleled in Paracelsus
Penelope or Merleau-Ponty
Scream signify chiasmus
Misremembered hearing Black
It gets better when you’re older or
misread velada misplaced
mistook train
for bus
travel for restless
ness blues and heavy
legs along docks
hands having built decks
to see

Durham change shapes say Witness
looked at him to say
Leave and I saw it

dreamt of drums
el culto al agua del antiguo Perú
or carved tagua
oceanside and hidden.

Airportfull nights of Houston
statued earbuds holding
on to be an
aesthetic moment
monument of half forgotten
television show now
out of sight

read they were pillows
of time really capturing the zeitgeist
in song of American South or
rented motel room You
heard she died young and it happened.

Photograph of a grave
site say remember it
was grass and boletus
of David or did you leave
flowers say

I know you were here once
inked and staining
sidewalks bridged
the difference to make it to an
other state
altered you were
right I

mistrusted pine
glow to stay there
under Laccaria
covered cloth of
rearview sacrum
there to document
foreign influence

spilled wine
ferment a prayer
unkempt tangles grow and Moon
River that night it was flooding
eyes of cars beaming said
be here.
Mistook reading for bald
heading or cypress

was it magnolia
mugwort and
drank then
tear of mis
lit small red
candles to
plea as if to say
stay for tea

or conversation of Tarahumara
humor of compost
of course you would say so
bodied and breathing
not knowing you’re re
stacking hardwood cut
not mine but was bleed
ing knee gashed when you sent it
flat recollection of camp
ground to stand on together sing
there’s a train a-comin’ and we
are getting in
ticketless and welcome
trembling and no longer hiding
momentary fear and it’s happening
kept in the wardrobe black
suitcase not taken
coddled drowned children left
weeping when things go they go
forever – every time
rings a voice you
are used to hearing
echo Chrystos let us
heal our wounded knee.
Born in Quito, Ecuador, emilio Jesús Taiveaho Peláez is a migrant poet and scholar, currently pursuing a PhD. in English Literature at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. As an amateur mycologist, their work blends critical, creative, and archival inquiry to explore the subterranean intersections of ecology, culture, and history.

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